MTO claims Rick Ross was rushed to hospital after suffering from acute exhaustion after all night 3-some with strippers

Rick Ross
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Only MediaTakeOut can release such a report. Two days ago, TMZ reported that Rick Ross was rushed to hospital after suffering a heart attack where he’s fighting for his life and now MTO is claiming that attack after he had a three-some with strippers. Read their report below…

“Yesterday there was ALL KINDS ON NEWS – surrounding the HEALTH of superstar rapper Rick Ross. He was hospitalized for an unspecified condition. TMZ claimed that he rapper had what appeared to be a heart attack, and was placed on LIFE SUPPORT.

But MTO News spoke with TWO sources inside Ross camp who say the report is WRONG. We’re told that Ross suffered a bout of ACUTE EXHAUSTION – after a long and vigorous THREESOME with two strippers. Ross’ team told MTO News, “Ross was exhausted, he spent the night with two strippers.”

The insider continued, “He over-exerted himself with the hoes, and we wasn’t drinking enough water.” Ross camp also claims that Ross got fluids for dehydration and exhaustion – and was NEVER on life support. And what about the reports of Rozay having a seizure. You won’t BELIEVE this answer.

Ross unofficial spokesperson told MTO News, “It wasn’t a seizure, the man was just nutting.”


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